St Luke's Church Eccleshill

Visitors are always welcome.

As the local Church of England church in the Eccleshill area (in Bradford, West Yorkshire), we are here to bring the good news of Jesus to the local people, help them express worship and praise to God in his name, and together make a positive difference for good in the lives of local people by our service to the community. This is a high ideal ... and we are a work-in-progress rather than a finished product. Bear with us!

Our building is located about two miles out of the city centre on the A658 Harrogate Road on the way to the airport, before you reach the city limits. We have an unusual concrete open tower, dating from the 1960's and replacing the previous traditional spire which had to be taken down when it became unstable. Inside we offer traditional services at 9.30am on Sundays, and modern services at 11.15am, with a refreshment break for everyone between these services - except that on the first Sunday of each month we scrap this pattern and have just one service at 10.30am.

Contact us at the vicarage: 01274 636403, or send us a message via the "Contact Us" page on this site.

  • Review of pattern of Sunday Services

    Following discussions at our PCC, we are asking our church members' opinions about whether we should move to having just one main morning service each Sunday, instead of the present pattern of two main services at 9.30am and 11.15am. Please see the bottom of the page about "usual services and events" for some of our thinking.

  • Thanks for new screen

    Many thanks for the gift of a new screen to enable the choir to see what is being projected on the main screen in the worship area. We have it wired up and working and in its new position, and we want your opinions about where it is sited before we make it permanent.

  • Yorkshire World Cycling Championships

    We've had notice from the City Council pointing out that the World Cycling Championships are taking place in Yorkshire, 22-29 September 2019, and we should expect road closures especially in Bradford on Saturday 28th (from City Square to Otley) and in Leeds on Sunday 29th (from the centre to Otley).

  • Not on Blueyonder

    On 15th September 2018 the vicar had a big computer crash. Since then he hasn't been able to access the address that he used to use, so please make sure you contact him at the vicar@... address on the "Contact us" page and NOT at the Blueyonder one.

  • Cookies

    If you click on the "Cookies and Privacy" link in the bottom right corner of this page, you'll see it says we have not updated our Cookies policy. But just so you know, we the church don't use cookies on our site: so the only cookies used are those used by BT in the provision of this free web space.

St Luke's Church, Eccleshill
Bringing the good news of Jesus to the people of Eccleshill, Bradford.