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Because of the Coronavirus precautions, the Church of England has directed all parish churches to suspend Church Services. There are currently no services at St Luke's.

But you can join us for some YouTube videos instead of the worship we would have done in church. These are all on our YouTube Channel, and the latest are:

Our worship usually goes live at 2am on the day in question. You can also find daily services of Morning Prayer, and some Sunday services for previous occasions there.

As the local Church of England church in the Eccleshill area (in Bradford, West Yorkshire), we normally hold church services every Sunday morning, and our building is open at various times during the week for community activities ... but all that has ceased because we are all asked to stay at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus. Please bear with us!

We also normally produce and circulate a parish magazine - "The Link" - and April's and May's editions would normally have been out now.  April's is completely written, except that the rotas and diary pages for what is happening are of course pointless for the moment, and the provisions we are making during the Coronavirus precautions keep having to be changed because of new guidance from the Government or from the Bishops!  However, even if it were printed, we couldn't distribute it while we are all staying at home in isolation!  So please bear with us, and we promise that we'll find a way of getting a magazine out as soon as we can.

At the time of writing, the use of the building as a Foodbank Distribution Centre for the Bradford North FoodBank on Thursdays (11am to 1.30pm) is continuing.  But we feel obliged to point out that we can't guarantee this will still be true by next Thursday!  And please remember that people can't just turn up and expect food - you need a voucher from a referral agent and you will not receive any food without one.

Contact us at the vicarage: 01274 636403, or send us a message to the address at the bottom of this page, or via the "Contact Us" page on this site.

This page was last updated on 30th May 2020.

  • VE Day display on the Lych Gate

    The 41st Bradford North Brownies have placed a display to mark the 75th Anniversary of VE Day on the Lych Gate at St Luke's.  There is a one-minute video about it on our YouTube channel here.

  • Fault on the vicarage phone

    Around 20th February 2020 we were concerned that there was a fault on the vicarage telephone landline: callers reported that they dialed the number, it rang a few times and then cut off. In the vicarage it seemed as if the caller has rung off before we have had a chance to get to the phone.  So far as we can tell this problem has been resolved - but if it recurs please be patient with us, try some other way of contacting us, and let us know of your difficulties when you do get through. We can only apologise for the inconvenience.

  • Not on Blueyonder

    On 15th September 2018 the vicar had a big computer crash. Since then he hasn't been able to access the address that he used to use, so please make sure you contact him at the vicar@... address on the "Contact us" page and NOT at the Blueyonder one.

  • We (the church) don't use cookies

    If you click on the "Cookies and Privacy" link in the bottom right corner of this page, you'll see it says we have not updated our Cookies policy. But just so you know, we the church don't use cookies on our site: so the only cookies used are those used by BT in the provision of this free web space.

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