St Luke's Day Centre

St Luke's Eccleshill Day Centre aims to provide a service for elderly people who are at risk of social isolation and who would otherwise not get out and meet others or take part in community activities; and a respite for their carers. To that end we provide transport, a hot cooked meal, and a social programme on one day each week.

The Day Centre meets on Tuesdays in the "narthex" (the glassed-in room underneath the gallery inside the church building). Transport on a hired minibus is provided to and from the Day Centre; members are given a hot drink when they arrive, there are some armchair exercises in the morning, a cooked lunch is provided which we buy in from outside caterers, there is a programme of activities or entertainment, and some time for socialization and chatting with others. We can cater for up to 25 members, and priority is given to those who are infirm and who would otherwise not be able to get out and meet people. We have a team of volunteers who escort the transport, make and serve cups of tea, and serve lunch.

Funding is provided by a grant from Bradford Council, who determine the terms of our service and specify what we must provide. Their funding provides for a part-time coordinator who is our only paid member of staff. The Day Centre is managed by a Committee who are appointed by the PCC and include representatives of the members and the volunteers.

During Summer 2018 all providers of these services were asked to bid for new funding to come into effect in April 2019, and to update their intended provision and activities so as to focus on what clients can do rather than what they can't, and to seek new sources of funding for the transport provision as the Council proposed discontinuing funding transport. We submitted our bid but it was not successful, and after careful consideration we decided to accept this decision. Accordingly our Day Centre will close at the end of March 2019, and the date of the last session will be 26th March 2019.

This page was last updated on 4th March 2019.