Bradford North FoodBank

The Bradford North (Trussell Trust) FoodBank began when the need for emergency food parcels grew beyond the capacity of the Bradford FoodBank (which is now called the Bradford Central (TT) FoodBank). They decided to restrict their help to the postcode areas in the centre of Bradford, and although half of our parish (the BD2 half) would still have been served, the other half (in BD10) wouldn't. We decided to try to set something up for them, and we also decided to try to do it ecumenically - that's to say, across all Christian denominations and not just by ourselves. We got together with the Churches Together in North Bradford, and out of this joint concern a new FoodBank was born. We decided we wanted the security and good practice which comes from being part of a nationally-respected umbrella organization, which is why we are part of the Trussell Trust network.

Since those days the need has grown again. So now the Bradford North (Trussell Trust) Foodbank operates out of five local churches, distributing food parcels to those who have been referred as needing emergency help by our referral agents. Everyone who helps us is a volunteer. Food donations are received and sorted and stored at a warehouse, where data entry and other administration is also handled. We are one of the five "Distribution Centres", and we operate on Thursdays. Each Distribution Centre receives supplies from the warehouse, stores it and makes up food parcels. When clients come they get some hospitality and a listening ear (including "signposting" which means some informed help in pointing them to agencies which can help them with their particular needs) as well as a 3-day food parcel which gives them a balanced diet and get them through their emergency need.

If you need help, or if you want to volunteer your help with us, please phone the office on 01274 292256 or visit the web site at . The Foodbank is also recruiting paid staff to help with its work, and you can find further details of this on the web site too.

This page was last updated on 1st July 2019.