We think it is important to mark people's deaths properly and respectfully, and we therefore welcome the opportunity to host funerals at our church and to give families the chance to give their loved ones a service which fully expresses their lives, characters and personalities, and the places they held in the hearts of those who knew them. Here are some advantages to holding the funeral service in your local parish church:

  • you can spend as much time as you wish (unlike a crematorium, where you have a limited time-slot);
  • we can accommodate up to 300 people (the local crematoria will only seat about 120);
  • we have a lovely pipe organ (the crematoria have electric organs only) and we can provide a choir if you wish;
  • local people will be able to attend more easily (all the local crematoria are at least 2 bus rides away);
  • if you want anything unusual which requires space (for example a band or choir or a photo display) we can accommodate it and spend time setting up for it in advance (but the crematoria is in constant use so you have to pay a double fee if you want more than a 40 minute slot).
  • if you wish you can also book our "narthex" (function room underneath the gallery) for use for a reception afterwards, so that your guests do not have to travel to join you for refreshments.

How to book a funeral. Most people engage a funeral director who contacts all the people involved and draws up a timetable so that everything coordinates and happens on schedule - and usually the funeral director contacts us to arrange the details. But if you want to make sure of our availability or anything particular that you want, please contact us as soon as possible and we will do our utmost to help with all the arrangements.

What does a funeral cost? There is a scale of fees for funerals: the basic charges are decided by Parliament each year and the local extras are decided by the church council. In 2018 the statutory fees are £87 for the local church and £130 for the diocese; and the "extras" are £20 for the verger, £30 for heating the building and £45 for the organist, bringing the total up to £312. (You may also pay for a choir if you wish.) You are obliged to have the verger (an attendant to keep order and show people to their seats) and the heating (but if the day is warm and the heating is not needed we will refund you this cost), and if you don't want an organist but you do want music (for example on CD) then the cost of this will be £20 instead of the £45. Fees are reviewed every year and increase on 1st January.

Here is what we know of the fees for 2019:

  • Diocese £134 (service in church plus committal in crematorium or at graveside)
  • Church £89
  • Heating to be calculated (returned if the heating is not needed)
  • Verger and Organist / CD player and Choir to be agreed

This page was last updated on 13th November 2018.