We need an organist!

As of the end of January our organist went abroad to visit family ... but the bad news is he has had a "better offer" from another church (basically one closer to his home), so when he comes back he won't be playing for us any more. So we need an organist! If you are an organist looking for a post, please contact us and we'll send you further details.

Brief description of the organ. The organ has two manuals and a pedal board. The great has two open diapasons, principal and fifteenth, and quieter stops. It has a 16ft stopped diapason and two reeds (trumpet and clarinet). The swell has a quieter chorus of diapasons (16ft, 8ft, 4ft and 2ft), a 2-rank mixture and again two reeds (oboe and cornopean). The swell couples to itself at the octave and sub-octave, and to the great at unison, octave and sub-octave. The pedal board has open and stopped diapasons accessed at the 16ft and 8ft levels, and great and swell both couple to the pedals. Organists have been known to remark "I've never known an organ with so many diapasons", but on the other hand it makes a cheerful sound, and it is kept in good condition.

Brief description of music at church services. We use the organ at the 9.30am service each Sunday except the first of the Month. At Holy Communion we have three congregational hymns and usually have a metrical version of Gloria in Excelsis, and during the administration of communion we have two or three hymns sung by the choir. We would welcome discussions about a setting for the Eucharistic Prayer, but at present we say this rather than singing it. At Morning Prayer we have five hymns of which one is a metrical psalm and one is a metrical canticle. We occasionally include other musical items for the choir or the congregation (for example sung Kyrie Eleison or an anthem). There is a robed choir with 7 or 8 ladies and one man.

At the 11.15am service we have a music group and rarely use the organ, and on the first Sunday of each month we have a mixture of musical styles incorporating those from both services. As the vicar plays the organ (or, rather, is learning to play it) we do not require an organist for this service, although if s/he wished to volunteer this would be welcome.

Brief description of the post. We seek an organist (that's to say, someone who plays pedals as well as manuals) for the 9.30am services on Sundays except the first Sunday of the month. The choir practises weekly, and we would welcome the organist attending the choir practice, but we are not seeking a "choirmaster" as well as an organist as the vicar acts as choirmaster. The organist would have a contract of employment and this would include first refusal at weddings and funerals and the right to practice and teach on the organ when the building was not being used.

If you are interested please ask and we will supply a fuller description.

This page was last updated on 8th February 2018.