Sunday Services and events

First Sunday of each month:

8am Communion (said),

10.30am Family Service.

Other Sundays: *

9.30am Communion (with choir and organ).  Morning Prayer on the third Sunday of the month.

11.15am All-Age Service (with music group). Communion on the second Sunday of the month.

Please note that these may be changed around sometimes: please see the diary page for details.

Evening Services and courses as arranged.

Midweek events

First Monday of each month:

7.30pm Mothers' Union.


9am School Service (during school terms)

2pm service at Ashcroft Nursing Home (monthly, usually 2nd Tuesday)

7.30pm Recorder Group (by arrangement)


11am Foodbank (part of the Bradford North Trussell Trust Foodbank)

7.30pm Choir Practice (may take place on Fridays by arrangement**).

First Saturday of each month:

9am Table Top Sale and Coffee Morning (Jan-Apr, Oct-Dec)

8am Car Boot Sale and Coffee Morning (May-Sept)

Third Saturday of each month:

10am Coffee Morning.

* Review of Sunday Services.

In July the PCC discussed whether we should have just one main morning service each Sunday, instead of the present 9.30am and 11.15am services.
     Both services need each other at the moment:
     Numbers have decreased at 11.15am, and we have recently lost two key people. We haven't enough staff to provide reliable activities for children. Visitors find the small numbers discouraging and it is hard to see how to recruit more.
     At 9.30am we are also short of sidesmen and people to read bible readings and lead intercessions: we have several who are unsteady on their feet and feel they would like to hand things on to others. We need to hear the liveliness and directness and get-up-and-go of some of the younger folk.
     The PCC didn't make any decisions, except to start asking you what you all think. If we have just one service we want it to have things that everyone values, so that all our members feel they can keep coming and enjoying worship. We want it to be at a time everyone can come, and we want it to be a "fair" mix of what we already do.
     We have not actually decided to change, and we are not planning to make any changes until the New Year.  The only thing the PCC did decide was to hold just one service at 10am on St Luke's Sunday (20th October this year), and that reactions to it would feed into anything we decide to do.
     I (John) hope that if we do feel this is the right route to go down then we will form a small group to represent both services and chart a way forward which will keep us all on board and help us to do what is best for the future of our church and its task of bringing the good news of Jesus to the people of Eccleshill.

** The vicar also takes an active part in the diocese's training programme for trainee readers, and when sessions for this happen on Thursdays we usually move the choir practice to Fridays instead.

This page was last updated on 8th August 2018.