Weddings at St Luke's Church

If you're thinking of coming to St Luke's for your wedding, then we'd first like to say: Congratulations on your engagement and all best wishes for your future!

What to do first? We recommend you contact us at an early stage to discuss your plans. We will invite you to come and meet the vicar, see round the church building, and we'll give you some basic information so that you can judge for yourself whether you want to come here. At that stage you can make a provisional booking of a date and time.

Can we get married at St Luke's?  Yes, if one of you lives in the parish or has a "qualifying connection" with us. (Weddings are regulated by the Marriage Act 1949, and we aren't allowed to marry people from just anywhere.)

What does it cost?  Most of the fees are decided by Act of Parliament, and they go up on 1st January every year. In 2018 it costs £524 for a basic wedding (this includes a charge of £30 for heating, which we will refund if the weather is warm and we don't need to heat the building), and up to £638 if you want all the trimmings (organist, choir and bell). We ask you for a £100 deposit at the beginning of the year in which you are to marry - then you pay the full fees at the rehearsal, and you get the deposit back (provided there have been no problems) plus any refunds after your wedding.

If one of you lives in another parish then you will need your banns of marriage read in the other parish church, and a certificate from them to say they have been read there. The fee for this is £43 in addition to the costs here. (And if you are getting married at another church and need your banns of marriage reading here, the fee of £43 applies here.)

What days and times can we get married? We have some regular events on in our church, and you have to work around those times. (You also have to remember that clergy have holidays!) We can hold more than one wedding on a day, but they need to be at least 2 hours apart to allow times for photographs and so on.  And by law all weddings have to be between 8am and 6pm. So you know, we have weddings booked already on 18th August 2018; and 17th May and 1st November 2019.

This page was last updated on 19th July 2018.